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United States
My birthday is March 12, 1992 so that makes me 18 & a Pisces. I have no religion, I believe in no "God" or "Satan", I believe in science. I am attracted to females only! I have random, unexplainable, OCD moments, which you'd never guess looking at my bedroom. I love myself. People say you need to love yourself & then you can love others, well, I love myself with all my heart & soul. I'm a hopeless romantic, incredibly loyal, & overly forgiving. I tend to look at other people like they're complete morons. Prove me wrong? & yet I love to make people smile. I will drop everything to help someone or be with them if they need me & I care enough about them. I am vain but not narcissistic. I have a cat & plan on getting 2 kittens when I move out on my own. I talk to my cat about my problems, things I just don't want to burden other people with. No one wants to hear about someone's problems, that's why we have to pay therapists. I've talked to my cat once for 3 & a half hours on end. It doesn't compare to talking to another person, but it does help in a moment of duress. Music is another good way to cope with things in life or a good way to just tell someone what's bothering me. Not that people translate lyrics the way I do. I can find beauty in the most unlikely of places & happiness in the most depressing words. I over think things, so therein I think allot of the time, mostly about life. Therein it would make sense that I like cemeteries; I go to the local cemetery to think or just to forget when life just gets too real. It's comforting in a weird way to know that everyone ends up the same, dead, & that one day I'll be dead & everything will just be alright. People that can read my emotion are nice to be around. I don't want someone to try & talk to me if I just want to sit & think or forget & I don't want someone to try & be quiet if I just want to talk about life or something of the sort. Writing is a big thing with me too! If I send you a message or a comment or anything with writing; spacing matters, bold letters matter, italics matter, quotes & lyrics matter, every little detail gives off signs to my mood. I like putting unnatural colours in my hair! I've put red, purple, & blue in my hair so far. I'm planning on green next time. I'm 5 foot 10 and 3/4 inches tall, so there I am not 6 foot, & have only dated girls that were around 5 foot 4 inches. I'm pale, so pale that I don't tan, I just burn. I love musicals with every fiber of my being! RENT, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Mamma Mia, and The Phantom Of The Opera are some of my all time favourites. Victor/Victoria is just a good movie in general. P.S. I Love You along with Definitely, Maybe I could watch all the time anytime of any day. I also enjoy movies that have to do with life like Little Miss Sunshine & Garden State. The Saw Series is an amazing series, & not just because of the gore. "Cherish your life." I don't watch television except TrueBlood! I am not a reader. I hate reading! But I have read the Twilight series, loved them, hated them, & now I can stand them again. I've read Alice's Adventures In Wonderland & that book made me think. Hair Styles Of The Damned is an amazing book from a teenage boy's point of view. Also, Speak was an amazing book that kept me wondering and reading til the final word. I write short stories & poetry if the mood strikes me. I don't share the poetry much though, because I'm horrified of critiques on it. I enjoy swimming & am still a pretty good swimmer even though it's been over 2 years as of summer 2009. Pools are disgusting though, I would much rather be in a river or lake. I know, that makes no sense, but it just feel allot more clean & natural to me. I used to hate drugs & anyone that even mentioned them, but I finally opened up my mind to trying to understand why. I've tried marijuana, but then again so have most of the people I know. It was nice & I can finally understand what they all meant when they talked about it. I don't like beer, it's just ew. I love the smell of cigarettes though & if I smell cigarette smoke I usually try to find the source. I have one piercing on my lip and I plan on getting tattoos some time in my life. The sunset and sunrise are some of the most beautiful things in life along with rain & the ability of humans to show compassion. I try my hardest not to judge by appearance, but I'm human & it happens. Humans are hypocritical. I completely suck at giving advice & if I don't know you I will scoff at your advice unless I asked for it. I ask loaded questions & expect cliche answers. I can't be away from my cell phone, I honestly start to physically ache, it's pathetic, I know. I used to be completely addicted to the internet, but now it's just filled with a bunch of copies, of copies, of copies, & everyone says the same thing, same thing, same thing.

Current Residence: Nebraska
Favourite genre of music: All but country
Favourite style of art: Photography


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